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CNC Grinding

  • CNC Studer S31 x 2
  • CNC Studer S33 x 2

  • CNC Studer favorit x 4
  • CNC Palmary 2030
  • Studer RHU 500 NC x 2
  • CNC Studer S145

  • CNC Studer S36

  • NC Studer S30 x 2
  • CNC Studer S20 X 2

The Studer S31 is designed for grinding workpieces in individual, small batch and high volume production. It is especially suitable for use in the aerospace industries. Also in our line up we have the CNC S33 S36 S145 and CNC Favorit universal cylindrical grinding machines which are designed for grinding medium-sized workpieces in individual and batch production. Our Studer RHU 500 and CNC Studer S20 's along with CNC Palmary 2030 complete our line up.

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