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Established in 1978 our core business is to supply high precision geared components ranging from small gears for fuel management actuators and reverse thrust systems to larger gears for jet engine fuel pumps. 

Suppyling harden & ground worm & wheel sets for reverse thrusters on Boeing 787 Dreamliner resulted in investment in the latest swiss made Gleason P90G gear machine using dressable and non dressable CBN grinding wheel technology.

Our quality management system is implemented to fully conform to AS9100 Rev D and approvals include BS EN 9001 2015 & EN 9100:2018 IAOG (OASIS) NADCAP Magnetic Flaw Detection / EDM

                                F.T.Gearing Systems Limited

        Unit 3 NorthTown Trading Estate  North Lane Aldershot Hants

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