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  • CNC Citizen M432
  • CNC Citizen M32
  • CNC Citizen M32v
  • CNC Citizen L20E
  • CNC Citizen L20x LFV
  • CNC Citizen K16
  • CNC Citizen B16
  • CNC Citizen B12

CNC Citizen    Sliding Head

Our Citizen machines are able to perform simultaneous multi-task processing . Turning, drilling, boring, screw-cutting, grooving, milling, broaching, cross drilling and tapping.  Our range of Citizen machines are fitted with IEMCA magazine bar feeds which facilitates non-stop production. Sliding head turning enables the machining of the secondary process on the rear spindle whilst the next component is being made on the main spindle. This can often result in cycle times being half what they would have been on a traditional fixed head CNC machine.

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