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CNC Gear Generating 

  • CNC Gleason P60 

  • CNC Gleason P90GS x 1
  • CNC Gleason P90G x 2
  • CNC Gleason 100PS
  • CNC Gleason A15
  • Mikron 102 SPS x 3
  • Mikron 132 x 2
  • Reishauer RZ 300E x 2
  • Sykes H160 X 2
  • CNC Gleason P90

Our P60 and P90 Gleason Gear Hobbing Machines with horizontal workpiece axis are for the hobbing of shafts and wheel-type workpieces with all kinds of profiles or forms equally spaced on the cylindrical workpiece circumference, including single and multistart worms. The P60 and P90 have been designed with reserves for future tool developments with capability for high-speed steel or carbide tools, wet or dry cutting. Subtly arranged NC axes produce a clean and ergonomic work area. The P90G , P90GS and 100PS are also equipped with gear grinding capability using dressable and non-dressable CBN tool technology combined with Dittel system probing. Our NC Reishauer gear grinders and Mikron gear cutting machines complete our Gear Generating line up.

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