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Finishing / Deburring / Honing
The FT Gearing Systems component finishing department is stringently controlled employing fully skilled personnel. As the final stage before parts are shipped to our customers all parts will undergo final preparation including: picking, rubbing, chamfering, radiusing and metal preparation processes including Rösler controlled surface finishing and Schaublin CNC deburring using CBN wheel technology . A recent acquisition includes gear teeth break edge extrude honing facilities via machine controlled processes.
Machining Capabilities:
1 off Rösler component finishing process
2 off Schaublin 102 TM-CNC Grind deburr & Chamfering
1 off Guyson bead blaster
1 off Pemano MDR 120E Diamond Hone
5 off Twister speed lathes
3 off Kemet flat lapping M/C
2 off Kemet cleaning tank
2 off ultrasonic cleaning tank
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