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C.N.C Turning
With the Latest Mazak machines including 4 Integrex machining centres & 4 Axis milling and drilling facilities with sub spindle configuration and the latest Citizen sliding head 14 axis machines ensures FT Gearing Systems remain second to none for technological advancement. No other gear developer anywhere in the UK can offer this flexibility.
Machining Capabilities:
3 off Mazak INTEGREX J200 5 Axis mill/turn
1 off Mazak INTEGREX i300 5 Axis mill/turn
2 off Mazak SQT 10ms   mill / turn centre with sub spindle
1 off Mazak SQT 10m mill / turn
3 off Mazak SQT 250/250ms 2 Axis lathes
2 off Mazak SQT 10 2 axis lathes
2 off Mazak Super Quick Turn 200 SMART
1 off Mazak Nexus QT10N 2 Axis
2 off Mazak NEXUS 300MY /200MY mill/turn
3 off Citizen M435 / M32 / M32V 14 Axis Sliding Headstock Machining Centres
2 off Citizen L20 / L20E 5 Axis Sliding Headstock Machining Centre
1 off Citizen A20 V2  10 Axis Sliding Headstock Machining Centre
2 off Citizen B12 / B16 7 Axis Sliding Headstock Machining Centre
                                                                                                                                                     1 off Citizen K16 Sliding Head Mill and Drill Machining Centre
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