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C.N.C Gear Shaping / Broaching
Our gear shaping department includes the latest Gleason gear and spline generators. These are the fastest and most accurate machines available anywhere in the world. With capacity from 3mm to 250mm this new technology allows us to cut multiple gears in one set up, where gears are developed in sync with each other. Our technicians have under gone specialized training and are the most experienced and qualified engineers available using these techniques. Gear shaping programs are securely stored offline with all pargameters for easier and fail safe repeat set - ups.
Machining Capabilities:
1 off CNC Gleason Pfauter PSA150 Gear shaper for Gears and splines full CNC "V" axis
1 off CNC Genertron (Face Gear Capibility)
1 off CNC Genertron - Bosch system
1 off NC V10B (Electronic Gear Shaper)
1 off CNC PS250 Vertical gear shaper  
1 off Rausch vertical broaching machine  
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