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FT Gearing Systems core business is high precision gear components for the Aerospace industry. Our parts cover a wide range of uses and mechanics. At FT Gearing we offer complete gear manufacturing solutions with our wide range of cutting edge technology. This allows us to perform all the important tasks in relation to the production of gears and makes us your one stop source for high precision gear components. Please read on for some typical examples of work we have carried out for recent projects for our customers, from a small gear in fuel management system to larger assemblies for wing actuators and reverse thrust systems:
Example 1: RR Engine Systems
F.T. Gearing were commissioned to supply ultra high precision gears for commercial aero engine applications. This project has taken around 2 years and now with its partners in machine technologies the project has come to fruition with vastly increased productivity and sub-micron repeatability. Around £5 million has been invested on machine tools alone.
Example 2: Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Hardened and Ground worm and wheel sets for reverse thrusters for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner saw F.T. Gearing investing 2 million on Gleason swiss made Gear machines to tangentially cut the worm wheel and finish grind the worm using solid dressable and non-dressable CBN wheel technology.
Example 3: Fuel System Accuracy
A recent application for lapped gear faces has been addressed with the commissioning of a clean room diamond lapping shop. Typically 1 light band ( .000011") flatness is achieved with surface finishes around .025um ( 1 micron-inch ). All these processes are now completed here at F.T. Gearing.
Full G.M.M & C.M.M CNC gear testing & Mitutoyo roundness, cylindricity & form testing.
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Established since 1978 our longevity is based on the quality of our service & parts.
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